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low temperture material used for hose


201, 206, 213, and 266 Hose Example: 201-8 hose to be used a 250°F (121°C) Maximum Maximum Working Pressure x = Working Pressure up to 212°F (100°C) at 250°F (121°C) 2,000 psi x (85%) = 1,700 psi The Temperature / Pressure Chart identifies the …

10 types of rubber explained in detail by Martin’s Rubber

7/9/2018· Abrasive material hoses have a finite life cycle and should be rotated during use for even wear. Service life varies depending on operating conditions, hours of use and material or product being conveyed. Air Hoses Air hoses are used for industrial air service, compressor lines, pneumatic tools, low pressure spray and other appliions.

General Properties of Elastomers

exhibits excellent resistance to water and cold flow. Natural rubber has low compression set and can be bonded to a wide range of materials. It also has good flexing qualities at low temperatures that are better than most synthetics, but it is not as good as silicone or some of the special butadiene and SBR compounds.

Chemical Hose | McMaster-Carr

Static-Dissipative High-Pressure Braided Chemical Hose. Use this conductive hose in a grounded system to eliminate static buildup. The material is blended with carbon black, which conducts static charges away from the hose walls.

Table of hose material chemical resistance - Tubes

excellent resistance to most acids, bases and many other aggressive chemicals in elevated, though not very high temperatures: PTFE: polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) excellent temperature and chemical resistance: PVC: polyvinyl chloride: good resistance to acids and bases solutions at room temperature, low production cost: PU: polyurethane


tanks, etc. The commonly used materials are Cork, Wood, 85% magnesia, Mineral Fibers, Polyurethane and expanded Polystyrene, etc. Medium Temperature Insulations (90 – 325°C) Insulators in this range are used in low temperature, heating and steam raising equipment, steam lines, flue ducts etc. The types of materials used in this temperatures range include 85%

Vessels, Materials Selection, Design Pressures & Temperatures

•Use other temp, press, compositions –Consider how you might minimize an expensive choice in metallurgy –keep the piping short, make the equipment smaller,.. General Types of Materials •Carbon steel –strength & moderate corrosion resistance •Low-alloy steels –strength at high temperatures •Stainless steels –corrosion resistance


Low melting point materials (for example, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and solders with a melting point temperature less than 1000 °F (537.8 °C) have reduced strength at elevated temperatures. Their use should be


temperature or at intermittently high temperature. For a prolonged service life, such as 20 years, plain carbon steels are usually limited to a maximum operating temperature of 750°F (399°C); the ½% molybdenum alloy steels to approximately 850°F (454°C); and the stainless steels to considerably higher temperatures depending upon the type used.

The Challenges of LNG Materials Selection

at a temperature colder than -20°F (-29°C) according to the mandatory requirements of the ASME/ASTM material standard, such as A333, A334, A350, A352, A420. No special alloying is employed to improve low temperature impacts. The term of LTCS is not used for plate material, and in this document is used only for piping systems.

Elastomer Material Types ASTM | Precision Polymer Engineering

EU elastomers have a better low temperature flexibility (-35°C typically) and both have excellent resistance to high-energy radiation (106 Rads). Polyurethane rubbers are used where high abrasion resistance and oil / solvent resistance are required together, e.g. hydraulic seals and gaskets, diaphragms, hoses and roller-skate and skateboard wheels.

Low-Temperature Hydraulic Hose | ParkerCA

Parflex low temperature hoses also feature a 10%-30% smaller O.D. than rubber and are up to 70% lighter. Similar to 3TR18/30CT hose but with a lower operating temperature (-70°F). Markets: • Material Handling. • Construction. • Agriculture. Features/Benefits: • Matte cover for low coefficient of friction.


1/7/2018· Material selection considerations. ULTRA LOW TEMPERATURE HYDRAULIC HOSE AND ASSELIES Nov 26, 2018 My little princess Jul …

PTFE HOSE 8 - Pacific Hoseflex

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is an engineered fluoropolymer. Outstanding resistance to chemicals is one of its primary attributes. A broad temperature range of -54°C to 260°C makes this hose material suitable for the majority of fluids and aient temperature conditions found in most industries.

Characteristic properties of Silicone Rubber Compounds

use even at 200°C for 10,000 hours or more, and some products can withstand heat of 350°C for short periods. Silicone rubbers are thus suitable as a material for rubber components used in high temperature environments. Silicone rubber also has excellent resistance to cold temperatures. The erittlement point of typical organic

Compatibility of Elastomers in Neat Methanol Service

Materials Selection for Neat Methanol Service (cont.) 3 sealing need to be maintained throughout the entire operating window, including abnormal operating conditions. At low temperature, elastomers harden, become less resilient and lose shape memory. Undesirable experience causes some operators to avoid using elastomers in


resistance properties at low cost. The working temperature range of PVC valves is 0 to 60°C (30 to 140°F). Vinyl is plasticized PVC. The added plasticizer produces a flexibile material for such products as tubing, but offers poor chemical resistance. The PVC used for Chemline valves is identified by cell classifiion

Rubber: Properties, Uses and Types | Engineering

For butyl rubbers the working temperature can be as high as 90°C. 9.2.3. Uses of Rubber: The following are some of the uses of rubber: 1. Thermal insulation. 2. Lining of reservoir. 3. Rain water and flexible tubing. 4. Belting of all types. 5. Tyres and tubes. 6. Adhesive. 7. Hose pipes, printing roller etc. 9. Mounting material. 9. As a


For Low Temperature Performance The coination of VMX4017 and a low volatility plasticizer can be used to make compounds with a Tg of –50 °C, both before and after heat aging in air. These compounds can be used in automotive hoses and boots as well as dampers where functional performance is required throughout a thermal range as wide as

Rubber Material Selection Guide NBR / Nitrile or Buna N

For assistance in identifying the appropriate polymer or material, or to develop and formulate a NBR or nitrile / buna n rubber compound to meet your specific appliion and performance requirements, please contact Robinson Rubber Products at e-mail: [email protected] or phone: +1-763-535-6737.

Service Temperatures of Austenitic Steels - Penflex

Most austenitic steels, with chromium contents of at least 18%, can be used at temperatures up to 1500°F and Grade 310 (Cr content: up to 26%) even higher – up to 2000°F. Because of the problem of grain boundary carbide precipitation, discussed in Engineering Bulletin #103 , prolonged exposure to the temperature in the 1100°F to 1400°F range should be avoided.

Rubber Materials, Rubber Material Selection Guide, Rubber

The popularity of nitrile is due to its excellent resistance to petroleum products and its ability to be compounded for service over a temperature range of -22°F to 212°F. Nitrile is a copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile. Variation in proportions of these polymers is possible to accommodate specific requirements.

The low down on silicone hose materials

12/4/2017· Polyester reinforcements are perfect for any appliion where temperatures will not exceed 170c. Fuel Hoses Fuel hoses carry the fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor or fuel injectors to power the engine. If you are choosing hoses for this purpose you need to be sure to specify Fluro hoses.

15 Cheap Building Materials for a New Home on A Budget

26/11/2021· View in gallery. The average cost of building a house, according to HomeAdvisor, is $290,314.While that may seem high, it is less than the median home sales price in the United States, which was $361,800 in July 2021, according to the United States Census Bureau and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.. Naturally, there are different …

TECHNICAL WHITEPAPER Low Temperature Properties of Polymers

For most materials low temperatures present a challenging environment and plastics are no exception. Regardless of this, the correct selection of the plastic to be used allows engineers to solve low temperature design issues and create solutions in the most demanding environments. How Zeus Can Help

Plastics for Extreme Temperature Appliions | Curbell

When designing plastic components for use in cryogenic conditions, it is generally beneficial to select plastic materials that exhibit ductile behavior at low temperatures and have low rates of thermal expansion. For cold temperature appliions where heat transfer is a concern, it is also important to select a plastic material with the right thermal conductivity.

Material Handling in Cold Weather Climates - Spanco

18/11/2014· Material Handling in Cold Weather Climates. Nov 18, 2014. Maintaining an appropriate aient temperature is crucial to the proper functioning and longevity of your material handling equipment. But, with the arctic weather making it’s way across the United States, it’s important to start thinking about crane and operator safety in cold weather.

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Rubber Hose: Visual Index 801 Push-Lok Multipurpose Page A4 821 Multipurpose, High Pressures Page A4 836 Push-Lok Plus® Multipurpose, High Temperature Page A4 213 Transportation Page A4 266 Transportation Page A5 436 Compact, High Temperature Page A5 471TC Tough Cover Page A5 471ST Super Tough Cover Page A5 472LT Low-Temperature Braided Page

Six Types Power Steering Hoses for Various Cars, Trucks

As its harsh working conditions, the power steering pressure hose are manufactured by state-of-art materials - CSM. For power steering return hose, or low pressure hose, its tube is usually made of NBR and cover is CR for resistance to ozone, light, oils, grease oil and other adverse factors. Its operating pressure usually is up to 150 psi.